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The software you've trusted for 20 years to make your shows amazing. Rebuilt.

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Sound Made Simple

Discover a seamless experience in show audio


Sort audio by category, title, artist, and tags. Add audio by individual files or in bulk


Search by category, title, artist, or tags. Find what you want - fast.


Auto-play a playlist out of the holding tank. Drag songs to hotkeys for quick access. Or search and play!


Astound your audience by finding the perfect sound clip at the right time. Battle-tested in ComedySportz clubs worldwide!


Built For Improv Shows

Over 20 years of service to taking improv sound to the next level

Powerful search
In the middle of an improv show, you need to find the perfect sound cue quickly. Mx. Voice is built with that in mind, and trusted by improv sound folks worldwide.

Fast Access

Mx. Voice is designed to let you search, find, and play your audio as fast as possible. Don't let the moment pass because you're looking for where you put that sound cue!

Let The Audience Hear It

Quickly play, fade, and stop your audio, all the while knowing exactly what's going on.

20 Years Of User Love

From our first release in 2000 to a new era in 2020, we've been making life easier for people

Mike Topel

ComedySportz Austin

We were using Mr Voice and I became as familiar as I could with its interface and application. Designed my own tweaks and workarounds. This new application, Mx Voice, is a big jump in features, usability, flexibility, and enjoyability. It brings music player, search, multiple tabs for holding tanks and hotkeys under one umbrella in a clean, self-contained desktop app. Very happy to reduce my myriad windows down to one interface. It even has a fadeout feature, reducing the reliance on external mixers. Great job!